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M. Michelle Dwyer has been writing since the age of fourteen. Her love of literature was inspired by her mom who introduced her to The  Arabian Nights and Charles Dickens at a very young age. Michelle graduated magna cum laude from John Carroll University with a double major in English and Communications. 


Aside from writing, Michelle has been working as a marketing/sales professional for almost twenty years. She is currently an advertising consultant and hosts speaking events throughout the country. 


She lives in Cleveland, Ohio, enjoys traveling, playing the piano, swimming, meeting new people and loves pets - especially dogs. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The many twists and turns made me unable to put the book down. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great story." - Sheryl Pernick - Who's Who Among American Authors


"A story that is well written, and well thought out. Michelle doesn't only tell each character's story, but makes them inviting and relatable. The story of love, betrayal, sin, revenge and forgiveness all exist between these pages carried out and drawing us in at every twist and turn, triumph and sorrow. The main character is the marvel in this novel; "Kate Danville" handles an unforbidden love, countless upsets, and sorrowing life experiences in the hopes that love conquers all in the end as her own personal demons force her to question was it all worth it." - Ashley Cole - Reader


"Well written and intriguing story detailing the difficult life of its female protagonist and her love affairs with some surprising plot twists that were well timed in the pacing of the novel. Ms. Dwyer’s writing style created an accurate world of over half a century ago with its culture and norms. Looking forward to future writings by Ms. Dwyer. Highly recommend it to anyone reading in the romance genre!" - John J. Higgins - Author and Former Deputy Attorney General


"What will you do for love? What if the one you love doesn't love you back? What if your love involves going against God? In the book "Love and Do What You Will," Kate Danville struggles with these questions and more as she is torn between the one she loves and the ones who loves her. Many secrets are revealed. I found it hard to put the book down!" - Theresa Fleet - English Professor 



When a young priest is called to the home of wealthy widow Kate Danville, he hardly expects a tale of betrayal, lost love, and pain. Yet, as she begs to be set free from regret, her story unfolds-and it's even more scandalous than the tabloids have guessed. Kate was married to Stephen Danville, an up-and-coming Manhattan attorney, but as the priest soon discovers, Stephen was hardly the love of Kate's life.


At the age of seventeen, she met thirty-two-year-old Lutheran pastor Richard Northington. He was a married man, serving at the church of her youth-off limits to young Kate. But nothing can stop the passion of true love. The two embark on a sixty year affair, but it feels more like a prison of secrecy. The only tie that binds them is Richard's gift of a ruby ring. When Kate marries Stephen, she thinks there may be hope for a peaceful-even if not entirely honest-future.


There is light on the horizon, as Stephen and Kate settle into married life. Yet, Kate's idyllic lifestyle unravels as her carefully hidden secrets are exposed by blackmail that threatens her husband's political future and endangers the lives of her children. Kate must battle her Puritanical upbringing against her vibrant personality to discover how far she will go for love . . . and which of God's laws she will break in the process.


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